2018 DIY PID Kits Wiring Guide

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Electric Brewing Supply's wiring guide, covering the assembly of our DIY and Complete DIY control panel kits.  Here you will find our draft for 2018 and forward designs; the final revision is expected for Thanksgiving 2018.  These are designs based on the BCS 482 controller and our own EBSP200 series PID.  Our approach to this guide will differ considerably from the old as the goal with the new book was to cover methods and provide an understanding of our wiring layouts.  The wiring layouts are provided independently; and are scaled to fit a plotter sheet of approximately 24x32 (A1 format).  This approach is taken in order to provide a better full view of the wiring to hopefully make the process smoother in building while easier to read.


The document in it's latest revision of the PDF file can be found here.

I'm currently working on updating a few more things like photos, but the basics such as wiring main power, probes, etc. can be found in the book.  The actual specifics to an individual build will be found below.

Gas System Designs

EBSP200 Gas Control design w/ EBST Timer (Dec 2018)


BIAB Design - 2019 Photos


30a EBSP200 BIAB 1 Element controller 


For 2 element designs - 2019 PID Photos


30a BCS 482 2 elements (Sept 2018)

30a EBSP200 PID 2 element design w/ Love Timer (May 2018)

30a EBSP200 PID 2 element design w/ EBST Timer (Feb 2019)

30a EBSP200 PID 2 element design w/ EBST Timer - Int'l 220v (Feb 2019)

50a BCS 482 2 elements (Sept 2018)

50a EBSP200 PID 2 element design w/ Love Timer (Sept 2018)

50a EBSP200 PID 2 element design w/ EBST Timer (Feb 2019)


For 4 element designs - 2019 PID Photos


BCS 482 4 elements (Sept 2018)

EBSP200 PID 4 element design w/ EBST Timer - 20x24x8 enclosure with Element Select switch (Sept 2018)

EBSP200 PID 4 element design w/ EBST Timer - 20x20x8 enclosure with Individual element 3-way (Nov 2018)

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